Gifted Children

Testing and Admissions

Many parents are concerned that the American Mensa admissions procedure for children is a difficult one. Rest assured that the testing & admissions department will make the procedure as simple as possible.

All American Mensa testing and admissions procedures are done under the supervision of Dr. Abbie Salny, Supervisory Psychologist, American Mensa Ltd.

Admissions Procedures:

American Mensa offers a test battery to all candidates, provided they are 14 years of age or older. Persons 14 and older can opt to take the Mensa Admissions Test Battery, or if English is not their first language, they may request to take our Culture Free Test Battery. Request information or make arrangements for taking our test with the testing proctor. For specific questions regarding our test battery, you may contact the national testing and admissions manager.

Admissions Tests

Otis Lennon Stanford Binet
Cognitive Abilities Test Test of Cognitive Skills
Woodcock-Johnson Intelligence Test (not the Woodcock Johnson Achievement Test)

Score on the tests listed above must be at or above the 98th percentile with an index of 132.

To submit evidence from any of the tests listed above, the test score must be in one of the following formats:

Many parents have their children tested by a school or private psychologist. Tests that are most commonly administered include:

Mensa requires a Full Scale IQ of 130, at or above the 98th percentile, on one of these tests in order to qualify for membership.

To submit evidence of testing given by either a private or school psychologist scores must be presented in the following format:

Testing information must appear on psychologist/school district/clinic or agency letterhead.

It must give:

Permian Basin Gifted Children Chair: Claudie Northcutt

Permian Basin Youth Activities Chair: Shirley C. Volkmann